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Owing to the booming business of mobile free ringtones, many firms have entered the market of distributing songs or music via wireless medium. Downloading a wide array of ring tones from multiple web-based interfaces is a huge fad especially amongst teenagers who are extremely crazy about ring tones. Seeing the rapid growth of the booming ring tone market, many business firms have joined this race to tap the market and make money.

Mobile MP3 Ringtones

Mp3 ringtones are also known as real tones or true tones and is most popular form of ringtone. This does not come as surprise as every mobile phone manufactured in the last few years has a built in support for this type of a high quality ring tone format.

Why is mp3 ringtones so popular- it is because of the high quality and the incredible variety of ringtones available in this section. The ringtones are available via the browsers built in the mobile phone. Thus the ringtones can be send from one cell phone to the other and even larger sections which are available on the website can be sent. These browsers in the mobile phone are also known as media walls. It seems to be very easy for an owner of a new mobile phone to get ringtones which are sent directly from their internet connected personal computers to their mobile phones.

This is done with the help of cables that comes packaged with the mobile phone itself. It is also possible by signing up with any of the online ringtone services thus enabling the particular user to have ringtones which are being sent directly to their mobile phones without the use of any sort of hardware.

Free Mp3 ringtones can be availed for more than three quarters of all the customizable mobile phones purchased. You may recall the older form of ringtones which were available during the start of mobile phones- the polyphonic or monophonic ringtones and the short lived ringtones commonly known as the midi tones at that point of time. Since true tones have hit the market all these earlier formats have lost their account and popularity for even less a quarter of all the ringtones purchased.

If anyone has purchased a real tone they are not alone. According to a research conduced by a team of scholars two years back there are around twenty-four million customers around the world who have bought this format of high quality sound. This transition phase has been related to cassette tapes and compact discs (CD).

Gone are the days when people used dial tones. Do you remember what type of a sound it used to potray? But now caller tunes have come into the picture, when you are calling someone you get to hear sound instead of the monotonous dial tones. As the mp3 ringtones have evolved in the last few years another option for customization has evolved which is available to every cell users. This is known as the ring back tone. The caller is able to hear a personalized ring and they are usually popular local songs.

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